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Welcome to the Home of the Gate Crashers Gaming Clan.



Clan History

In 2010 Gumby, a former owner of the Google Clan, decided to run a BFBC2 server which was released in March of 2010. This server turned out to be very popular, with Atacama Desert as the most popular map. This brought lots of returning players to the servers and kept the server in high demand until well after BF3 had been released!

To split the workload Gumby started recruiting from the pool of regular players who were just as game crazy as himself, if not crazier! This resulted in a growing group of owners and leaders who have been the core of the Battlefield side of Google Clan and growing since 2010.

In 2013, a few months before the release of BF4 and with the expansion of the number of members it was decided that it was in the best interest of the players to become a Battlefield dedicated clan and [GC] Gate Crashers was born. The team is continuously building on providing its members a great platform and atmosphere to maximize gaming experience and enjoyment of it.

With the release of DayZ Standalone one of the members (Phlyer) offered to host a server for clan members and the public to enjoy. In Late April 2014 (six months after the release of BF4) the Clan's executive team made the decision to explore other games to play and enjoy. We were disapointed with the stability of the BF4 release!

While exploring different games a few members in the clan suggested Red Orchestra 2. In May 2014 the clan started providing servers for Red Orchestra 2.


Where it all started - Atacama Map - Battlefield - Bad Company 2




Recruitment to the Gate Crashers Clan is by invite only. To become a Clan member regular players on our servers will need to abide by our rules, become active in our forum community and make the effort to get to know other Clan members. The Clan keeps an eye out for people like this and over time will nominate them for membership. The clan will then go through a formal voting process. If the nominated player gets a positive vote, they are invited to join the Clan.


To Our Community

We would like to thank all the members of our community for their contribution. Without you the gaming experience wouldn't be the same. If you haven't already please sign up or log in to our forums and provide your feedback, we always have a listening ear!



Our latest addition - Red Orchestra 2