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Atacama Balancing

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Atacama Balancing

PostAuthor: NoobHunter [NL] » Sun Jun 01, 2014 4:38 pm


Often when I'm trying to get the BC2 server going (and I'm actively in there) I swap teams at the slightest sign that the teams are unbalanced. I swap sides to keep the number of tickets even and try to have 1 flag capped on each side maximum not to bleed tickets (with less than 8 players). If on the other side there are noobs I don't shoot at them as much and even let them kill me just to keep them interested (lol) and get the numbers going.

I don't expect you to do exactly the same, though I have seen now several times (from procon) that there are multiple [GC] members on a winning side with 3 flags capped or tickets heavily balanced to one side and the other side with 3 or 4 players less and nobody swapping. Can you please remember our old rule. It's killing the numbers on the server.

If the server is full nobody cares, yet especially when there are 15 or less players it is appreciated if you can keep an eye on it. Thanks.
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NoobHunter [NL]
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Re: Atacama Balancing

PostAuthor: Suzuki007 » Sun Jun 01, 2014 9:40 pm

Spot on Noobster :thumbup: :2Thumbs:

I always swap over if its looking one sided,

Unless I'm in the chopper with me old mate HURT and your on the other side :) :lolz:

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