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[GC] BF4 Server Rules

[GC] BF4 Server Rules

PostAuthor: SnotGoblin » Thu Apr 17, 2014 11:45 pm

The !rules are currently enabled.

!rules or @rules into chat will bring up the rules.
Type !rules into chat is Yelled at all players on entry into the server.

The current server rules for BF4 are as follows;

=== NO BASE RAPE ===

No Base Rape.... This means no shooting people in the main spawn, unless they shoot out.
People sitting in spawn, and refusing to move out but shoot out of spawn should be warned, and then !punish.
i.e. Sniping from the roof of the heli spawn in Siege encourages base rape!
The roads leading into A and E point's on Siege are fair game.

No Trolling/Abusing Other Players.... This broadly means, no excessive swearing, and trolling in the chat box, no racist comments, any players deciding to troll the chat box should be @mute after being warned first. !mute command cannot be undone till the next round, even if the player leaves the server and rejoins.
The occasional swear word and "arrrrrgh fu*k you bastard" etc is perfectly acceptable, it is a R16 game and it is war and the shit hits the fan sometimes.
We do not police individual swear words as being more nasty than others, the game is R16 and the soldiers and characters all swear like troopers.
Chat trolls are to be dealt with though.....

No Stealing assets from main base... We were not running this rule to start with, as it was not such a problem in a full server, but with the amount of server crashes and restarts and general bollocks, it had become a problem when the servers have low numbers (usually n00bs doing it!). No stealing the choppers from the main uncaps in Siege. Capturing them in general gameplay is perfectly acceptable. Warn first, and !punish :)

Metro and Lockers - NO BASE RAPE DOES NOT APPLY - for obvious reasons...... poor map design does not make it a players fault for shooting into spawn on these maps. Leaders and higher level admins will have !nuke US/RU command to suit in extreme situations.

Thank you for playing on our servers!


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Re: [GC] BF4 Server Rules

PostAuthor: Ausynth » Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:05 pm

TL;DR. :lolz:
Seriously though those rules make sense.

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Re: [GC] BF4 Server Rules

PostAuthor: PuNkPoEtS » Sat Apr 19, 2014 3:10 pm

to be honest all those rules should be common sense but as we all know that isnt common any more :stupid: :stupid:
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