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Who's buying Battlefront?

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Re: Who's buying Battlefront?

PostAuthor: Alius^Cairo » Wed Dec 09, 2015 10:51 am

Suzuki007 wrote:Nate give me the tip,

Purchased ultimate through

Saved a heap just enable $CAD before purchase,

Ultimate ended up costing me $115.08 game including fees for paypal.

How did you enable Cad? Was it just i the top right hand corner?? lol I know i'm bad :( e(Mabye shouldnt say that while Noob is around ;) )

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Re: Who's buying Battlefront?

PostAuthor: Suzuki007 » Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:32 am

Hi Alius sorry for my late reply,

Yes mate it's the third tab in top right hand side I think Account then language then you will find the tab 3rd in it should drop down and set it on $CAD :peace:

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Re: Who's buying Battlefront?

PostAuthor: NoobHunter [NL] » Wed Dec 16, 2015 7:48 pm

BF4 would never done this just a week or 2 after it came out.... That clearly sends a signal that the game does not do well or is losing members fast.......

Really a pitty that there is really 3 years in between a proper BF title...., breaking up the community... where is my BFBC3 snif snif hehe. I must admit I do still enjoy a regular BF4 game!

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Re: Who's buying Battlefront?

PostAuthor: SnotGoblin » Thu Dec 17, 2015 9:40 am

Its been panned in lots of reviews.... Strangely the best review on Metacritic was from AusGamers, who after my experience with them in BF3/4 are full of shit anyways...

It is a poorly designed console game, ported across to PC... LIKE ALL EA GAMES WILL BE FROM NOW AND IN THE FUTURE....

Ditch EA, seriously people, stop paying money for crap, you only encourage them... ;)

Battlefront was designed with the PS4 in mind, just like Hardline.... so its shitty on a PC to say the least....

If you want to play a real shooter game..... BUY SQUAD NOW!!! Its Fu*king Epic game play wise, and is a real shooter.... A cross between BF and Arma 3..... somewhere in the middle.

It is well worth the money if you like shooting games, and guess what, its designed for play on the PC, nothing else... no consoles in sight, and never will be....
Made by the Project reality team, which were the guys who created and did most of the work on BF2....

So if you like BF2.... BUY SQUAD.... its that simple ;)
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